Sermons and faith stories from St Leonard’s are included on this page.

These audio podcasts are typically 15 minutes long. Click on the link and the podcast will automatically download and start to play. You can stop, start, pause or step through using the on-screen controls. Most of the sermons have been preached by Rev Kim Cain.

Have you found Jesus?

Faith in our work or Work in our faith?

Kim asks us to think about our faith as he reflects on John 3:16. What does it mean for us in today’s world? This sermon made me think!

Shining light through stone walls

Now is not the time…..(the Jesus we want or the real Jesus)

Do not go past GO….

The ups and downs of mountains – the view is great but you have to come down

Connecting  – and a rope with a knot

This is all about connecting myself to church and world with some homespun advice from Kim.

Where did Jesus live? (population 1500?)

A story about home and what it is like to live in a small town.

Too much wine! You are invited to a party

A significant story of Jesus’ first recorded miracle. John writing the gospel thought it was important. Simon de Bell leads us into the event.

Opening a treasure chest, opens the possibility of………

Gifts and treasure in a season of giving and receiving. What have you received? What are you giving?

Two turtledoves and water – little signs of blessing along the way

The wheel of fortune, the circle of life. How will I love and be loved?