Sermons and faith stories from St Leonard’s are included on this page.

These audio podcasts are typically 15 minutes long. Click on the link and the podcast will automatically download and start to play. You can stop, start, pause or step through using the on-screen controls. Most of the sermons have been preached by Rev Kim Cain.

Forgiveness – tough but Christlike

The story of the unforgiving servant (Matthew 18:21-35) is exaggerated in order to emphasize important truths. We can be the forgiven or the one who does not forgive (perhaps both). What can we take for ourselves from Kim’s sermon?

Right way leadership – loving and caring for the least

The lesson is about church discipline (Matthew 18:15-20) but Kim goes beyond the text to look at today’s world. He longs for leadership that is not self-serving but cares for the least. How do we respond as Christians in a rough tough world?

Faith questions to squirm or live by

This sermon by Kim on 28 August goes to the core of our faith. The reading is Matthew 16: 13-20. Who is Jesus to the disciples, to you and to me. I recommend you listen to the sermon.
Frank Griffiths, Webmaster

Changing the climate (its not about the weather)

The reading is Matthew 15:21-28 about a woman who challenged and changed Jesus.

Sink or swim – keeping afloat in today’s world

The readings about faith are Matthew 14:22-33 and from Paul in Roman’s 10: 5-15. Re-reading these is recommended before you listen to Kim’s sermon.

Parabolic action – action with meaning

Jesus’ actions also told a story – a parable in themselves. How do our actions reflect our faith? What about our church? Matthew 14: 13-21 is about feeding many.

Little things that matter

Parables of the kingdom – stories of growth and precious value have significance for us today. The reading is from Matthew 13: 31-33 and 44-52.

Common ground – different crops

How can we be authentic in our faith in a largely non-Christian society? That’s a big question!

When is enough enough?

Do we need the hundredfold or is thirty fold enough? What are the implications of the story of the seeds, sower and soils from Matthew 13?

Carrying light weights at heavy times.

The words of Jesus provide comfort in troubled times (Matthew 11: 25-30). Good to hear.

Our Bayside “billabong”and a glass of water

Moments – precious and precarious

Kim reminds us that the Kingdom of God goes beyond family issues. You are valuable – God knows you – God loves you.

What will become of us/me ?

How do I make sense of living in a complex world? Kim references Romans 5: 1-8 and Matthew 9:35-10:8 and concludes with an apple!

The narrative of life

What is life about? Where do we fit in? Rev Dr Robert Johnson takes us back to Genesis and encourages us to fit into the story. His suggested homework was that we reread the first two chapter of Genesis, perhaps with fresh eyes. Here is his sermon.

Let mutual love continue

At a Global Christian Forum in Bogota Colombia Kim shared a verse from Hebrews “Let mutual love continue”. He develops this verse today in the context of Manchester bombing, global unrest and persecution. The answer is LOVE following Christ’s example.

Life (and death) – a road test

Words of comfort from Jesus in John 14: 15-21. Looming death of a faithful friend. Kim leads us to contemplate the mystery of the life we live and the death we must all face. Thoughtful stuff.