Sermons and faith stories from St Leonard’s are included on this page.

These audio podcasts are typically 15 minutes long. Click on the link and the podcast will automatically download and start to play. You can stop, start, pause or step through using the on-screen controls. Most of the sermons have been preached by Rev Kim Cain.

Opening a treasure chest, opens the possibility of………

Gifts and treasure in a season of giving and receiving. What have you received? What are you giving?

Two turtledoves and water – little signs of blessing along the way

The wheel of fortune, the circle of life. How will I love and be loved?

Christmas Day….belonging and connecting

Connecting with each other….and connecting with God. What a special time. Kim’s sermon includes a touching story and there is a song after the sermon.


Who is not at the table?

Christmas is not the beginning or end but the middle of life for Christians. Who will be at your table this year?

O come all ye…

Weary, seekers, doubters, wanderers, hopeful, lonely, lost, searchers, good-hearted, faithful……

Looking back, looking forward

Celebrating the past at the time of an important Anniversary, Kim encourages us to keep on the move.

Love demands action

The parable of the three sons has a present day application for all of us. Listen to Kim’s unwrapping of this familiar story and THINK then DO!

Foolish, wise and propinquity!

Unless you are good at crosswords you will need to listen to Kim’s sermon based on Matthew 25: 1-13 to reach the answer and conclusion. We need propinquity!

The blessed saints of God

Easy, hard, certain, uncertain, giving, receiving, belonging among God’s people, known and loved, experiencing the presence of God in all of life – saints indeed.

Reformation update – light and shadow

Martin Luther 500 years on and what do we have to show for it! Kim leads us through history’s high and low points until we reach today. Interesting and good to know!

God in front –  all we can do is follow

The reading is from Exodus 33: 12-23 about seeing and defining God. Moses is put in his place! Here is Kim’s take on the reading…

A story about a lady and humble service

We keep being challenged about what is important. The reading is Philippians 3: 4b-14 as Paul sets out his agenda. For us sometimes the challenges are nearby.

Ponder – What is the one question?

On a  day when we thought about coffee and caring, the reading was about two brothers Matthew 21:23-32. Kim asked us to think about what is important in life.