Welcome to St Leonards Church Brighton

We are an all-age, welcoming church, trying to live out our faith in Jesus.

St Leonard’s Church has not closed  – we are being a church in a different way. We continue to share in the story of a loving God demonstrated by Jesus.
 This Lent, Easter and beyond we welcome you to our online church. You can join with us through a daily reflection, weekly worship time and Children/Family online.

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9.30am 28 March 2020, Dendy Beach-Holloway Bay, Brighton

Faith in a time of virus – 11

Reflection: The peace of the beach and the rusty brokenness of the world caught in a moment. A once necessary wire fence now keeps nothing in or out; more like a torn net that catches only what finds its way to it. The city, the beach, the fence: waiting for come what may.
Praying:  God, Morning star,
‘time and tide’ are the backdrop to our living; be near us in our times, whatever the tide washes up.
As we wait in these separating days may it be that we find ourselves still caught into your holy net: like noticing your spirit in an indrawn breath at the sight of the sun on a window sill, or in the sound of a bird outside it. Hold us the promise of your new day.


4.30pm 17 March 2020, Burston Place, Brighton Beach

Faith in a time of virus – 10

Reflecting: Bin day and our ordered lives. Colourful sentinels line our streets, weekly, with a marching regularity to empty our lives of our leftovers.
Praying:     Lord…….When we wonder about life going on as usual we’re inwardly glad for services that work: water, power, garbage.
But, outwardly we express little delight at ordinary people helping us order our life.
Just part of the ‘taken-for-grantedness’ of our living.
Our streets and lanes are testaments to our needs: cables, drains and gutters carriageways to comfort and health.
May we know how much we need each other and the other needs us, as we wonder what will work
in the stress and strain of our days.
And bless those whose workplace is out the front of our place this week. Amen.

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9:57am 26 March 2020 corner Wolseley Grove and Cavendish Place, Brighton

Faith in a time of virus – 9

Reflecting: A lorikeet in a red gum: a feast on red blossoms for a parrot on a suburban corner. Life in this tree, for this moment, becomes a rainbow of colour set against our talk is of ‘lock-downs’, ‘shut-downs’, ‘close-downs’.
Praying:   God:
We’re waiting. Not for Easter or holidays or the last of the breaks before winter but for the news to get worse.
We’re scrambling. To get everything in order as best we can – before whatever happens, happens.
We’re wondering. About hope and future and how things will be; and how to shape our destiny when it feels nothing is quite the same as before.
We’re praying. For you to be with us, bless us.
May your rainbow settle over our little corner of suburbia, or wherever our loved ones may be.