St. Leonard’s Brighton Beach is a church of the Uniting Church of Australia.

We are:

  •  A church of big conversations
  • A church that values community
  • A church of compassion
  • A church that holds to commitment

These phrases, like cornerstones, give shape and value to our life as a church and express our gathered life and outlook.

WORSHIP is the central aspect of all aspects of our life together. Worship at St. Leonard’s is diverse and inclusive of both clergy and lay leadership.

The two pillars of our congregational life are PASTORAL CARE and strong GOVERNANCE.

Four facilitation groups work to develop our main ministry areas:

  • Youth
  • Children & Family
  • Spiritual Life
  • Community & Social Justice.

St. Leonard’s is a community of Christian faith called to follow Jesus Christ who lives for us. Those who belong and are connected to the church are shaped by their experience of Jesus Christ. We believe God gives God-self in life creating ways, and we seek to worship, serve and share God’s Holy Spirit with us. In Jesus the Kingdom of God has come and is unfolding in our midst.

As a Christ centred community we believe that the congregation is called to live out a faith-filled life; that its members are called to minister to each other and the community. With the Basis of Union we say the fullness of God is present in our midst. Children, women and men all belong in equal measure.  Worship is the central and formative aspect of our life. We give space and respect to personal opinion and faith experience, but that our unity in Christ is paramount.

At St. Leonard’s Uniting Church we warmly welcome all people. The best way to find out more ‘about us’ is to come and join us for worship on a Sunday morning and stay around for a cup of fair trade tea or coffee. We’d love to get to know about you too!