St Leonard’s for Social Justice  Our web page covering Social Justice issues.

St Leonard’s College   The church cooperates with St Leonard’s College to provide Chaplaincy services to students and staff.

Presbytery of Port Phillip East  St Leonard’s, with other churches, is part of the Presbytery of Port Philip East.

Presbytery “Newsbeat” Magazine for August

The Uniting Church Synod of Victoria & Tasmania  The Synod is the Victorian & Tasmanian body of The Uniting Church. It comprises State based UCA organizations plus Presbyteries and their member churches.

Uniting Church Synod VicTas “Keeping Children Safe”

The Uniting Church Centre for Theology & Ministry   Located in Parkville it is a Centre for education, and learning and has an amazing theological library.

The Uniting Church in Australia   This is the Australian Assembly of the Uniting Church website.

Global Christian Forum   An international Forum of Christians from most Christian denominations and countries. Concerned about justice, religious persecution and interchurch dialogue.

Lectionery Readings Most services are based on the Common Lectionery readings.

The Covenant Churches of Brighton have covenanted to pray for each other, work together and support each other. The following links are to the covenant churches

Anglican Parish of St Andrews Brighton

Anglican Parish of St Peter’s Brighton Beach

Anglican Parish of St Stephens Gardenvale

Brighton Baptist Church

Brighton Church of Christ

Catholic Parish of St Finbar

Catholic Parish of Joan of Arc

Catholic Parish of St James Gardenvale

Trinity Uniting Church

St Leonard’s Uniting Church