St Leonard’s Church and St Leonard’s College

St Leonard’s Church and St Leonard’s College share a historic past.
The college began at St Leonard’s Church! We still work together.

St Leonard’s Church provides ministry to the college by offering chaplaincy services for the students and staff of the College.

Rev Kim Cain, and Rev Judith Watkins, provide the Chaplaincy services at the College, as well as at their ministry at St Leonard’s Uniting Church.


Reverend Judith Watkins has had the opportunity to broaden the Child and Family ministry to the Junior and Middle School of the College.

Reverend Kim Cain has taken on some of the whole school responsibilities, meaning that both are invested in their ministry focus areas.
The relationship has developed out of mutual trust and faithfulness to the gospel imperative. We move forward in hope that lives in the College and congregation will be enriched through this ministry partnership.

As well as offering worship services at the College and being present at some of the official College functions, they provide pastoral support to students, staff and parents, working in support of the Pastoral Care and Counselling staff of the College and referring students to them as appropriate.
On top of this, we are on call to be resource people to Religious Education staff and other subject areas as needed, and look for opportunities to provide additional spiritual support within the College, including Confirmation Classes, Holy Communion for staff, discussion groups, guest speakers and other initiatives.