These sermon podcasts are typically 15 minutes long. Click on the arrow at the left and the sermon will start to play. You can start, pause or stop using the on-screen controls.
Most of the sermons have been preached by Rev Kim Cain.

Remembrance and sacrifice

On 11 November and 100 years after armistice Kim talks about sacrifices past and present and concludes with the story of a magnificent, sacrificial gift.

Tough Stuff – Persecution happens

How do we deal with worldwide persecution of Christians? What is happening? What can we do? Kim shares stories and gives us guidance.

Your God, my God

Josh starts with the story of Ruth and then brings it home to us. I recommend you listen to this short talk.

Breaking the rules – outrageous faith

Bartimeus was a challenge (and challenger). Does his outcome give us a clue about our relationship with God/Jesus?

Giving for real – from the heart

How do we give? What do we give? Is it wholehearted or what is left over? We don’t often talk about giving so this is important stuff from Kim. Recommended listening that will make you think. Kim’s sermon title is “Living from the inside out”.

Rich but poor – poor but rich

Here are some thoughts about our own richness and poorness as we reflect on the rich young ruler and his meeting with Jesus.

Testing the limits of God’s love?

Are we stretching, testing the limits, setting boundaries, challenged by diversity? How far does God’s love go? Are we limiting God’s love?

Is God possible?

23 September – This is a deep question. How do we explain our sense of the spiritual “other” in a universe of planets, stars, space, time, atoms (and smaller) and life itself? And Jesus!

A fork in the road – which way?

16 September – A fork in the road could result in a flat tyre or it can cause us to stop and think – what next? which way? go back?

A challenge for Jesus or a call for help?

9 September – Who is challenging who in the encounter between Jesus and a foreign woman in need? Jesus is challenged by the needs of a foreigner. Does this speak to us in a world of great needs? This sermon is by Judith Watkins. We can learn a lot from it.

Responding with love

2 September – How do we live in a world that is not as accepting of Christian churches. Josh calls us to be outgoing and to respond with love (like Jesus). Refer to the letter of James as the basis of Josh’s talk.

Who can we turn to? – The tough stuff of faith.

26 August – After political upheavals of the past week we reflect on faith choices. This sermon challenges us and our choices.

Tell him he’s dreamin’

This is a story of life and values. It starts with King Solomon and ends with us and our Australian scene. This story touches each one of us. We need to hear it!