These sermon podcasts are typically 15 minutes long. Click on the arrow at the left and the sermon will start to play. You can start, pause or stop using the on-screen controls.
Most of the sermons have been preached by Rev Kim Cain.

A fork in the road – which way?

16 September – A fork in the road could result in a flat tyre or it can cause us to stop and think – what next? which way? go back?

A challenge for Jesus or a call for help?

9 September – Who is challenging who in the encounter between Jesus and a foreign woman in need? Jesus is challenged by the needs of a foreigner. Does this speak to us in a world of great needs? This sermon is by Judith Watkins. We can learn a lot from it.

Responding with love

2 September – How do we live in a world that is not as accepting of Christian churches. Josh calls us to be outgoing and to respond with love (like Jesus). Refer to the letter of James as the basis of Josh’s talk.

Who can we turn to? – The tough stuff of faith.

26 August – After political upheavals of the past week we reflect on faith choices. This sermon challenges us and our choices.

Tell him he’s dreamin’

This is a story of life and values. It starts with King Solomon and ends with us and our Australian scene. This story touches each one of us. We need to hear it!

A three course dinner of rejection, reception and exception

You are invited to dinner with some unusual guests. Are you ready to party?

It would never do, to eat our customers

Kim talks about the church as he quotes Beatrix Potter, Ginger and Pickles.

Two sorts of power

Connecting – then and now

Wake up Jesus! I need your help

In the boat, in a crisis, needing help – Who is Jesus to you?

Living life in reverse but going forward!

Kim couldn’t pay for his coffee but someone else did. Others have experienced unexpected generosity. What do we make of this in the light of the Gospel?

Binding the strong man

Kim says this sermon has taken over 20 years to prepare because it is based on life experience. The reading is from Mark 3: 20-35.

Love and Hospitality

We experience the love and hospitality of Jesus as we share in Communion together. How can we be sharers of love and hospitality with others?

God of Awe

Kim, Sue and Melissa explore the subject of awe and lead us in our thoughts and experiences of God.

Unlimited joy in a troubled world

Pentecost is a wonderful, exciting, uplifting reminder of the joy we have when the Spirit of God becomes personal – so that we know and are known and loved by God. Can we then care for others in the knowledge that God cares?

It’s the Vibe

Quoting from “The Castle”, Kim leads us to the conclusion that being a Christian today is a whole of life deal – we need to get the Jesus “Vibe”.

Wide faith, worth sharing

Kim has just come back from a Global Christian Forum in Bogota, Columbia and shares his experiences of people and their stories. He finishes with some thoughts for us.