These sermon podcasts are typically 15 minutes long. Most of the sermons have been preached by Rev Kim Cain.
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Where are you staying? (19/1)

Early days of Jesus ministry raises a question. That same question is being asked today.

Rev Rowena Harris at Mallacoota

And the heavens opened (12/1)

Nothing much happened and then there was Jesus. Jesus baptism shows that he has come to us – God with us and a new beginning.

Wise men, Herod and the mystery of God (5/1)

The least likely people seem to fit into God’s plan of salvation. Could God be active in our actions and conversations?

So this is Christmas (29/12)

Lynne leads us to reflect on Christmas, a year past and a year to come as we follow the way of Jesus

Joseph’s initial confusion is understandable – but he discovers God’s big picture. What about us? (22/12)