These sermon podcasts are typically 15 minutes long. Click on the arrow at the left and the sermon will start to play. You can start, pause or stop using the on-screen controls. Most of the sermons have been preached by Rev Kim Cain.

Born to be wild (25/8)

Is there a time when it is right to rebel against conventions of the day? (Jesus did)

That’s a bit rich – being asked to follow (18/8)

There is a richness to life when we follow Jesus’ Way.

Ready and waiting (11/8)

What does it mean to be ready when following the way of Jesus today?

Teach us to pray – subversively! (28/7)

Rev Dr Robert Johnson talks about the revolutionary nature of the prayer that Jesus gave us.

The Main Thing is….. (21/7)

Rev Dr Robert Johnson leads us into the story of Mary and Martha and what is important to us today.

Roadside assist – Help! (14/7)

No membership, No on-the-spot fees, No reward points – Just walking the walk.

Faith leading to peace (7/7)

A woman’s faith played out in loving service is affirmed by Jesus. Where and how is our faith leading us into service?

No looking back (30/6)

The challenging business of following Jesus (Luke 9:57-62) can be costly but right.

The expanding ripples of faith (23/6)

Elijah, Paul and a troubled man are connected in Kim’s message about expanding and expansive faith.