Sermon Replay

These sermon podcasts are typically 15 minutes long. Click on the arrow at the left and the sermon will start to play. You can start, pause or stop using the on-screen controls. Most of the sermons have been preached by Rev Kim Cain.

The expanding ripples of faith (23/6)

Elijah, Paul and a troubled man are connected in Kim’s message about expanding and expansive faith.

Hear this! A message for you! – Pentecost (9/6)

Besides the drama of Pentecost and the sudden awareness of Gods presence there is an individual, unmistakable call to love others.

Lift off (26/5)

Going up (to the moon?) or coming down. Amazing events replayed as we consider the Ascension of Jesus.

The story of Love (19/5)

Sunny Kadaparambil from Frontier Services talks about God’s love and the reason we should reach out to those in need.

On the road to Emmaus (5/5)

The travelling Jesus. Who do you encounter?

Post Easter:  Joining the dots: new life in an old story. (28/4)

Take time to linger through the lens of the resurrection. It is what it signifies that matters.

Easter Sunday – Living in the times we’re in (21/4).

What possibilities does the resurrection mean for you?


Palm Sunday – streetwise (14/4)

How do we live (faithfully) in the time and place we are in?

Outsiders in our own land? (31/3)

Who do you most identify with in the story of the prodigal son? Where can you find inspiration?

God of second chances (24/3)

A forgiving God gives us a second chance at life. Forgiveness should be a Christian trademark. Is it yours?

Love versus violence – a Christchurch perspective (17/3)

How do we live as people of faith in violent times? This is a story about our hopes and reality.

Living in the times we are in (10/3)

Where are our life’s investments? What is at the centre? Could it be sacrifice and service?

Who is my good Samaritan? (3/3)

Is the Samaritan good or bad? Who could be your good Samaritan here and now in Australia?

The road less travelled (24/2)

Kim invites us to be conspirators (the root meaning of the word means “breathing in together”) as we breath in and share God’s love in an often unloving and unloved world.

The view from the other boat (10/2)

Can we make disciples in today’s world?